We’ll be happy to arrange assistance for you at the airport. Once you have completed your booking, send us your booking ID and the following information:

  • Do you need wheelchair assistance from check-in to the gate?

  • Do you need carrying assistance into your seat on the plane?

  • If you have your own wheelchair, what is its size (height, width, length and weight)? If the wheelchair is battery-powered, what type of battery does it use? 

Send the details to us via the contact form on our website. Click “Contact” in the main header, then “Disability assistance” under “My booking.” Click on “Write to customer service” then select Wheelchair Assistance from the drop-down menu.  

If you are flying with a low-cost airline (EasyJet, Ryanair, Spirit, Wizz Air, Allegiant, Southwest, Eurowings, Frontier, etc.), contact them with your query directly.