If you buy our service Cancellation Guarantee, you can contact us after the booking to cancel your booking for any reason in exchange for an electronic voucher worth 90% of the flight ticket price. The voucher can then be used to make a new booking on our site. Since Cancellation Guarantee is our own service, you cannot contact the airline directly for cancellation, but all cancellations must be made through our customer service. We do not charge an administrative fee when you cancel with a Cancellation Guarantee or when you use your voucher to make a new booking.

All cancellations must be made no later than 4 hours before the departure time of the original flight.

The value of the voucher

The voucher is worth 90% of the value of the canceled flight ticket, including taxes and fees but excluding the cost of the Cancellation Guarantee and additional services (e.g., extra baggage, choice of seat, etc.). If the booking has been changed (e.g., voluntary change of date, name change, etc.) and this has led to an increase in the price of the flight ticket, the value of the voucher is based on the price of the original flight ticket, without changes.

Important to remember

• You have the right to cancel your flight ticket for any reason and receive a voucher. Cancellation can also be requested for an individual passenger in the booking – in this case, the value of the voucher is calculated according to the number of passengers who cancel.

• The Cancellation Guarantee applies to all flights on the booking and cannot be used for specific travel segments. For example, if you have a roundtrip ticket from London to New York, you cannot cancel only the return flight from New York to London. You must cancel both.

• The voucher can only be used on our site according to the instructions that accompany it. It cannot be combined with other vouchers, cash payments or promotions and cannot be used through price comparison sites.

• The voucher is only valid for the flight ticket itself and cannot be used to pay for additional services, even if the value of the voucher exceeds the price of the flight ticket.

• You can only use your voucher for one booking. Any voucher amount that you didn’t use for the booking will be considered forfeit.

• The voucher is valid for 12 months from the time you are notified that the voucher is available for use, which is within 7 days after we have confirmed your cancellation request. When the validity period expires, the voucher loses its value and you cannot claim compensation in any other way.

To use your Cancellation Guarantee, you must contact our customer service. You can find phone numbers and other contact methods on our site. Please note that we handle all customer inquiries in the order that we receive them.